A quick head, neck, and shoulder MASSAGE followed by a FLOAT - Ahhhhh! Unplugged!

  • 30 minute MASSAGE
  • 90 minute FLOAT
  • $119

Enjoy a 30 minute MASSAGE that will focus on the head, neck, and shoulders, releasing tension and improving circulation to the brain. You’ll follow up with a dreamy 90 minute FLOAT, a time and space to stop doing and enjoy simply BEING. A true reset for the nervous system.


As the name suggests, this Retreat is a shortcut to BLISS!

  • 90 minute FLOAT
  • 60 minute MASSAGE
  • $159

Start your experience with a 90 minute FLOAT in either the Genesis Pod or Ocean Float Room to deeply relax the body and quiet the mind then head upstairs for a 60 minute MASSAGE. With your body relaxed and breathing deep, our therapists will gently work out any remaining tension and leave you feeling fully embodied and beautifully blissful!


Not just for the competitive athlete, this program will keep you loose, limber, and ready to tackle your next workout with gusto.

  • 90 minute FLOAT
  • 60 minute MASSAGE
  • 60 minute INFRARED SAUNA
  • $199

Start with a 90 minute FLOAT to help quiet the mind and allow yourself to drop into the  deep, relaxed state where the body’s natural healing mechanisms engage.

From there, you’ll head upstairs for a 60 minute DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE. Focusing on trouble spots, your bodyworker will use trigger point release, active stretching, and other therapeutic techniques to work out tension and flush lactic acid from your muscles while leaving you with recovery tips and movement feedback specific to your areas of concern.

You’ll end with a deep sweat in a 60 minute INFRARED SAUNA. Using penetrating, gentle heat, Infrared Saunas have numerous health benefits and are the perfect place to let go and recover. We’ll set you up with electrolyte enhanced water to sip while in the sauna and a salt scrub to exfoliate in the shower after.


The HÄLSA DEEP CLEANSE RETREAT will reset your system and leave you feeling light and glowing.

  • 90 minute MASSAGE
  • 60 minute INFRARED SAUNA
  • $169

Start with a 90 minute FLUSHING massage. Using long, fluid, flowing strokes, your bodyworker will stimulate and flush the Lymphatic system, moving fluid away from the muscles and back towards the heart where it can be cleared out. A detoxifying aromatherapy oil blend and targeted reflexology combine to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities.

From there, you’ll move into a private INFRARED SAUNA suite where you’ll enjoy 60 minutes of gentle, penetrating heat to sweat out all the stuff stirred up in your massage. Sip our custom blended DETOX WATER while you sauna and end with a cooling shower where you can wash down with a custom blend of salt to help scrub away impurities.

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