We’re so happy to welcome Nicole Petitclerc to HÄLSA! Her bright spark and open heart radiate and illuminate during Energy Healing Sessions as she shares a special gift that really needs to be experienced.

A session with Nicole before a float will allow you to integrate and assimilate healing on all levels of your being, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and truly transformed.

What is Energy Healing?

“Energy Healing is a relaxing, nurturing, energy therapy. Using gentle touch or working in the energy field surrounding the individual the practitioner assists in balancing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. This intervention works to support your natural ability to heal and is proven effective in reducing stress, calming anxiety, decreasing pain, strengthening the immune system, enhancing recovery from surgery, complementing care for neck and back problems, supporting cancer care, creating a sense of well being, and easing acute and chronic conditions.

By using techniques taught as prescribed patterns of intervention and establishing an environment of trust and safety, the practitioner has the ability to strengthen the individual’s energy field and the healing process.”

Leone Jensen, CHTP


Make sure to wear something comfortable, remove jewels and belt. Drink water, eat lightly and allow yourself to receive.

We will discuss your intentions, answer your questions, familiarize with the environment to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Nice soothing music will play during the session. While laying on your back on a massage table, I will start the session by ringing a musical chime along with a spray of rose water or lavender. I will touch your feet to ground myself and soon thereafter, I will be on your side with my hands above your chakras. Every individual  will encounter a different experience, some people feel relaxed, release of blockages, pain free, or energized. People sometimes have tears,laugh and/or fall asleep during the session

You will know the session is over when I finish  with the musical chime and the fragrant spray, I will softly tell you to take your time and to come “back to the room” . Take as long as you want to slowly open your eyes and sit. Water is available if you are thirsty upon rising. I will discuss with you what I felt during the session.  Most of the time I receive intuitive messages for my clients which can assist them in providing clarity for personal decisions going forward. I’ll also leave you with a small gift that will carry the Peace and Presence of your session home with you!

About Nicole


Nicole is a Mind, Body, Spirit certified teacher, a healing touch practitioner, the owner of Open Your Heart for Healing, a counselor, and has studied and practiced  Tibetan Buddhism meditation for more than 10 years while also completing palliative care courses at Langara and studying holistic nutrition. She lives in Vancouver with her soul mate and she’s having fun manifesting miracles in her life.