As a counsellor and psychotherapist in training, I aspire to develop a container that is safe and strong enough to hold space for all sorts of existential struggles and uncertainties. Through my research into non-ordinary states of consciousness, philosophy and spirituality, I train to remain calm in the awesome and unpredictable realms which can occur during deeply meditative experiences, such as floating. It became evident that unpacking and integrating the events of a float session, whether by talking or simply by holding space, can be almost as crucial as the float itself.
Informed by somatic therapy, philosophical counselling and Buddhist meditation, I offer post-float integrative counselling sessions for those who find themselves shaken, perturbed, or just deeply touched by their float experience. No experience is too weird to talk about!

Aron Buky-Tompa is completing his Master of Counselling at City University. He has been described by his clients as “calm”, “grounded”, “deep” and with “really positive energy.” 


I got to know Aron when he was study coordinator for the Phase 2 MDMA-assisted psychotherapy study in Vancouver.  He is a compassionate, caring man and has the skills and knowledge to assist people in integrating experiences of altered states of consciousness. I am pleased to recommend him to provide support when necessary after a float experience.
– Dr Ingrid Pacey, psychiatrist, PI and therapist for MAPS MDMA-assisted psychotherapy research. 
Flexible drop-in sessions (20-60mins) on Saturdays (12-8pm) with sliding scale ($20-$60)