Have you ever wondered what the stars looked like on the day of your birth? Do you want to gain some insight into the archetypal forces that shape and mold us? Join Celia Lyons for an exploration into your Natal Chart and the unique elements at play when you took your first breath.

The “Solar System” reading will provide a good outline of your Natal Chart (planets, signs, and houses). For the most accurate reading, please bring along both your time and place of birth. Plan for at least an hour and a lot of information!

The “Galaxy” reading is even more in-depth; Celia will cover your Natal Chart as above but will expand into Fixed Stars, Location, Synastry (relationships), Asteroids, etc… depending on your needs and wants. Expect at least an hour and half but probably more as you and Celia delve deeper into The Mysteries. If possible, please have birth place and time for the other person if you’re interested in Synastry.

sml-celia-headshotAbout: Celia currently resides in Vancouver.  An astrologer, counsellor and yogini for over 25 years,  she derives deep joy in  sharing the beauty of the stars, be it via the Dreamtime, meditative  moments, or gazing in awe at the night skies.  A pure delight to offer inspiration to individuals, Celia has a Masters in Counselling Psychology, and has studied western astrology internationally.  Celia is honored to be at HÄLSA, and collectively align with the Divine!