What should I leave at home?

Jewelry/Watches – It is best not to wear jewelry or watches during your treatment, so please leave them at home or in your suite’s changing area during your treatment.

Cell phones – We like that HÄLSA is a space where you come to unplug from the everyday. Perhaps try leaving your cell phone at home, or at least out of sight while enjoying the spa. We do understand that life is busy and it may be necessary to check your messages/emails, but if and when doing so, please be considerate of other guests who have come to enjoy some unplugged quiet time. And please, no phone conversations – yes, you’re louder than you think 😉

Loud Voices – HÄLSA is a place of sanctuary and respite from the outside world where you can enjoy some much needed quiet time. You’re more than welcome to hang out and chat in our reception and relaxation lounge, but we ask that you please be respectful of other guests who may be seeking quiet solitude and keep you voices down.

Heavy ScentsPlease do not wear heavy perfume, cologne, bodyspray, etc… while at HÄLSA

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