Meditation in the Lounge!

We’re very excited to begin offering regular meditation sessions in our lounge, guided by a wonderfully kind soul, Ali Morrow. This is something our community has been asking and the time is finally right!

Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings from 7pm – 8pm and are by-donation with 10% of proceeds going to The Ocean Legacy Foundation

Ali will be offering a variety of techniques and will hold space for various  meditation practices. Expect some guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and other techniques to help ground and center.

A BIT ABOUT ALI: Ali is a fun-loving and deeply devoted Energy Healer, highly skilled in ‘reading’ energy fields. Her passion is working wholeheartedly with our energetic system (energy field and chakra system) as well as using techniques and modalities like guided meditation to encourage health, balance, vibrancy and wellbeing in all aspects of our lives. Ali has an incredible skill of gracefully breathing life and light into the more subtle realms of our awareness. She has graduated from the Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Program at Langara College, as well as undergone trainings in different alternative practices for the past 8 years. Ali’s unique education allows her to blend her energetic gifts and knowledge with modern integrative methods such as somatic-based awareness, and awareness dialogue, supporting long term healing benefits. She loves to use her ability and skills in her field to call forth and awaken the beauty, harmony and life within each of us that holds highly healing vibrational frequencies, and believes in our body’s innate wisdom to guide and support us to health and wellbeing. Ali has spent the past 8 years putting her intuitive, attentive and nurturing qualities to use, while creating a very comforting space for individuals to go deeper, discover and reconnect to themselves and the world around them. She has a deep love for Mother Earth, wisdom teachings from around the world and honouring the beauty, and sacredness within and around us. Working with Ali you can expect to fall into a naturally healing, gentle pace – slowing down to offer reverence to who you are and where you have been. She asks that you come exactly as you are, and offer yourself permission to release, receive and be nourished on all levels of your being. For more information about Ali you can visit her website at