HÄLSA -A place for BEING

By Christian

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about balance – this really does seem to be the key to a fulfilling, sustainable life and something that we should be looking for in everything we do.

In particular, during this busy summer season when there are events every evening, outdoor pursuits to engage in, and generally lots of busyness and action, the balance between DOING and BEING has become very apparent, or more succinctly, the lack of balance where it seems like there is so much go, go, go.

Our hypothesis is that every minute of DOING needs to be balanced out by a minute of BEING. What does that mean? On the physical level, it means that we need to spend as much time actively recovering as we do exerting and straining. By simply BEING, we plug into our essence, that part of us that is connected, clear, and strong, and this connection serves to wash away tension and resistance – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

If you never plugged in your phone, always on the go texting, Facebook checking, and Snapchatting, it won’t be very long before your battery is drained and there is nothing more you can DO with your phone. We’re the same. We need to fill up our internal reserves so that we have the energy to pursue those things that are calling us to action.

HÄLSA is a place of BEING. We sincerely hope that when you come in, you can let time go a bit and surrender the need to accomplish and simply let yourself BE in Body, Mind, and Soul. By taking the time to consciously relax, you allow your body’s self-healing mechanisms to engage fully. Allowing the mind to drift through the haze of constant thought will reveal a place of stillness and presence in the moment, providing enhanced insight and clarity, allowing space for the Soul’s light to shine and illuminate the path forward.

This balance is important and is why HÄLSA exists. We feel like half the equation has been lost in our modern, plugged-in, 24hr/day world and that finding this balance will bring greater harmony to all areas of life while providing the necessary ingredients for the inspired action and creative problem solving that is so needed today.

Yours in Love and Health,