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Restorative, peaceful, mind expanding. Develop strength and focus.

HÄLSA Spa in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver has 4 float therapy rooms. A modern take on the ancient practice of "taking the waters," flotation therapy offers tremendous benefits for total health. While floating effortlessly on just 10" of water saturated with over 1000lbs of pure epsom salts the body naturally unwinds. Fully supported and unconstrained by gravity, your muscles, tendons, and ligaments stretch out, your spine lengthens, and with the body completely relaxed, the mind follows, drifting into the timeless, magical state between waking and sleeping where ideas are born and unseen connections are made. A reset for your body and mind. Transformative!



Peaceful, private, soothing. Sweat, stretch, breathe, relax.

On West 4th Ave in Vancouver, HÄLSA Spa has two private suites featuring custom made infrared saunas. HÄLSA's Hemlock sauna offers lots of room to relax with enough floor space to bring your yoga mat for a private stretch. The Cedar suite is cozier and has the beautiful aroma of Western Red Cedar. Each room is equipped with a private shower for mid-sauna cool downs and we provide everything you need to enjoy your hour alone. Couple's saunas are also available for a small surcharge.



Talented, caring Massage Practitioners deliver deep healing.

Whether you enjoy a deep tissue massage to ease out the knots after a hard workout or savour a flowing, relaxing Swedish massage to wind down after a long week, our exceptional bodyworkers will listen to your cues, tailoring your treatment so you get what you most need.

Until August 31st 2019, enjoy massages on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at a 15% discount!
Use code MIDWEEK when booking.



Enjoy our relaxation lounge before or after your treatment.

All HÄLSA Spa Vancouver services allow you to enjoy our sky-lit mezzanine relaxation lounge. With a rotating selection of tea and interesting books, you can continue to de-stress after your treatment. We also provide private vanity areas with hair dryers, lotion, etc. so that you can head back into the world looking as good as you feel.


HÄLSA: Swedish for HEALTH


HÄLSA is the Swedish word for HEALTH and HÄLSA Spa is a health spa in the European tradition, where taking time dedicated to deep relaxation is considered an essential component of a healthy life.

The modern world today is buzzing with activity. We're constantly bombarded with light, noise, and information and it can be extremely hard to wind down, take a break, and simply relax.

At HÄLSA, we know that taking time away from our daily routines, shutting out sensation and reconnecting inwards allows us to step back into the world refreshed, restored, and better able to cope with the stresses of modern life while allowing us a deeper connection and presence with those we care about.

By offering a time and space devoted to deep relaxation, we hope to empower people to live happy, healthy lives.

Come experience HÄLSA for your HÄLSA (health)! Skål!

Our Philosophy

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